vineri, 5 aprilie 2013


some forgotten letters left unarranged on a desk; where could the order go; why was it disorganized… because no owner came to take them they remained uncared, they lost themselves in each other and when they decided to be free they realized they could not: neither one of them had any value without each other and so, they had to stay together. those who didn’t like themselves hid under the other ones, but they were there, to stay forever and ever irremovable and unchangeable…

this would probably be the saddest manor of describing the general perception of human mind. mostly, humans don't enjoy seeing their past in true colors; they gladly give in to anything that can rearrange their past in a positive way. one can gladly accept a lie about them if that lie sounds better than the truth. also if the past isn't favorable, we forget it: specialist call this selective memory, when people remember only the events of their life which they consider important, that shock them etc.

selective memory is useful. it would be impossible for us to live remembering everything we have done until today. we would certainly go nuts... but the information remains impregnated at the unconscious level and if a certain factor stimulates it, the memory reacts and reveal us a certain event we thought long forgotten.